Keith Hayden, MS

Community Nutrition Educator and Counselor


Keith Hayden, our resident Community Nutrition Educator and Counselor, is passionate about using food and cooking to help individuals and groups achieve their health goals. Having dealt with years of an undiagnosed food allergy, and a physical injury as a college athlete, Keith found a way to incorporate nutrition to heal his body, lose weight and reduce pain. Realizing that what we put into our bodies is the key to health, Keith pursued further education in the field, hoping to educate and bring awareness to others. Keith holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health and a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from Boston University.

Believing that change can happen in many different settings, Keith specializes in one-on-one counseling, as well as community education and workplace wellness. Most recently, he organized and implemented a nutrition education series at the Department of Justice.

Whether you seek to lose weight, change your course of health, improve physical performance or simply eat better overall, Keith is here to facilitate and educate you through the process. By providing accurate and concise information, dispelling common nutrition myths and helping you better understand your own body, Keith will be a passionate supporter of your goals.