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Nutrition Services

We offer comprehensive, personalized nutrition services that focus on the whole person. You will find descriptions of our offerings below. You can schedule an appointment for an initial consultation or follow-up visit online. When scheduling, allow one week of lead time as you'll need to complete a food diary and submit it 3 days prior to your appointment. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule all other nutrition services.

Schedule Appointment

Initial Consultation

If you're seeking knowledge and guidance to reach your health goals, you've come to the right place! This comprehensive, customizable appointment is one hour and fifteen minutes in length and is designed to touch on various aspects of wellness, including:

We will work together to address any imbalances and move you toward your most optimal state of well-being.

Follow-Up Visit

Since nutrition care is often a multi-phase process, we offer follow-up visits to assess your progress and provide recommendations to keep you moving toward your goals. These appointments are forty-five minutes in length and can be conducted in person or via Skype.

Pantry Rehab

Implementing what you have learned in your nutrition consults into daily practice can seem daunting if your pantry contains ingredients that may be acting against your goals. We can make the transition easier by helping you sort through your current pantry, eliminating items that are not serving you, and making room for foods that will support your new way of eating.

Supermarket Tour

Making food choices that support your health begins with what you bring into your home. Learn how to navigate the supermarket aisles, buy quality produce, stock your pantry, read labels, and eat well on any budget. We will accompany you to your local supermarket (or farmer’s market) and teach you the essential skills of grocery shopping with your particular goals in mind.

Service Rate
Initial Consultation $165.00
Follow-up Visit $85.00
Supermarket Tour Starting at $180.00*
Pantry Rehab Starting at $180.00*


Three-Session Package

Stay committed with an in-depth initial consultation, two follow-up sessions and unlimited e-mail support in between. This package is ideal if you are looking to achieve a specific goal or overcome a minor health challenge and want to check in periodically to tweak the plan of action we will set for you.

Five-Session Package

If you are in search of on-going support, this package is for you: one initial consultation, four follow-up appointments and unlimited e-mail support in between. We recommend this series if you are looking to lose weight or have a health condition that might be best addressed in stages.

Chrissy and Keith can help determine which package would be best for you!

Package Rate
Three-Session Package $315.00
Five-Session Package $465.00

*Additional cost of $10.00 per mile will be added for a one-way travel distance exceeding eight miles.

All packages expire one year from purchase date and cannot be transferred to another client.

Workplace and Community Wellness

Are you interested in empowering your employees, teammates or community with the tools and knowledge to be as well as possible? Whether you are looking to achieve a common goal, promote behavior change, or educate a population on your service or product, we can customize and execute a plan that will work best in your environment.

Keith Hayden, our resident Nutrition Educator, has paired with organizations in the public and private sector to create workshops on basic nutrition education, weight loss, common nutrition myths, and his most popular and interactive series - whole foods cooking demos.

To discuss how we can develop a plan or series that best supports your needs and a free quote, please contact us at (703) 340-4325 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to working with you!

Insurance & Payment Info

If your health insurance provider covers Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), we can provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit for reimbursement. Please note we are an out-of-network provider.

The Art of Health, LLC accepts all major credit cards. Personal checks can be made payable to The Art of Health, LLC.

Client Referral Program

Refer three new clients to AoH and receive a complimentary 60-minute massage as a token of our appreciation. Just be sure to tell your referral to include your name on the client intake form at their first visit. We will notify you each time a referral becomes a client and after the third client, you will receive an invitation for your free massage!

Our Policies

Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Art of Health, LLC must be notified of a change of appointment or cancellation at least twenty four hours prior to the scheduled appointment time or client will be charged a fee of 50% of the scheduled service price.

All appointments require a credit card and telephone number to hold the appointment.

Inclement Weather Policy

If an appointment must be canceled or changed due to inclement weather less than twenty four hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, the cancellation fee will be waived. Canceling or rescheduling an appointment during inclement weather is at the discretion of the client and The Art of Health, LLC.

An Integrative Approach

In addition to maintaining wellness through various life stages, we can help to support the following symptoms and conditions:

Acid reflux, heartburn or GERD
Autoimmune disease
Blood sugar dysregulation
Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth)
Celiac Disease
Diabetes or pre-diabetes
Fatigue or lack of energy
Fatty liver disease
Food allergies and sensitivities
Gallbladder dysfunction
High cholesterol
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Metabolic syndrome
Overweight and obesity
Peptic ulcer
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Renal disease
Thyroid issues