We’re a Fully Boosted Team!

We are excited to share that we are a fully vaccinated and boosted team of wellness practitioners! In sharing this milestone with you, we hope this knowledge brings you an added sense of comfort in seeing us for massage therapy and in-person yoga therapy appointments.

While we’re all hoping to regain some sense of normalcy, it’s important to us to continue to do everything we can to not only stop the spread, but to reassure all clients that we are taking every precaution when it comes to keeping our community safe and healthy.

We don’t take your trust lightly. And while vaccines certainly add a layer of protection, no vaccine is 100% effective and the length of immunity and efficacy against any future variants is still largely unknown.

Our Policies and Protocols

To ease any uncertainty over visiting with us, we have outlined our multi-layered approach to safety below, which will be in place until further notice.

Pre-Entry Hand Washing

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a sign reminding you to wash your hands in the adjacent restroom prior to entering our suite.

Personal Protective Equipment

Once you enter the waiting area, your therapist will greet you wearing a face mask and we will ask that you wear one for the duration of our time together, as well. We have determined that the two-ply disposable surgical masks are the most comfortable when lying face down on the massage table. We’ll have some handy in the event that you need one!

Screening Procedures

Your therapist will take their body temperature at the start of every shift and carefully monitor their health and exposure. We will send you a screening and consent form to sign electronically within twenty-four hours of your visit, as well.

In addition, we will ask you a few additional screening questions, and take your temperature with a no contact thermometer before proceeding with the session.

Hygiene and Sanitation Protocols

You’ll be asked to come in sparkly clean to your appointment. We have increased the length of time between sessions to disinfect all surfaces with a non-toxic Force of Nature, an EPA-registered disinfectant, before and after each client.

You are welcome to wipe down any surfaces before your session for added comfort. Hand sanitizer will be readily available. We will do a thorough deep cleaning of the office daily.

Hospital-Grade Linens

Our linens continue to be washed by a third-party vendor using hospital-grade standards and come to us wrapped in plastic and kept away from soiled linens. We will be using disposable face cradle covers for massage sessions.

HEPA Air Purifiers

There are HEPA air purifiers in all treatment rooms to keep air clean and circulating. When possible, we will open windows between clients for additional air flow.

Plexiglass Massage Table Shield

We have a plexiglass shield that secures to the massage table and acts as a barrier to protect you and the therapist when you are face up and receiving neck work. This device is currently by request as we have found some clients are more comfortable without it.

Paperless Where Possible

We have moved toward a HIPAA-compliant paperless system. You are able to fill out intake and screening forms online prior to your visit or via iPad when you arrive, which we disinfect between uses.

We can also charge your credit card on file to limit additional contact. If this is your preference, please let us know as some of our practitioners prefer to use the iPad.

Staggered Appointment Times

To limit contact, we have staggered appointment times when multiple therapists are working at the same time as much as possible. Our office is spacious and you will never be within 6 feet of another client.

Updated Cancellation Policy

If a client cancels within twenty four hours leading up to the appointment time or if an appointment is missed, a fee equal to the amount of the scheduled service cost is owed and will be charged to the client’s card on file at the time of cancellation.

Clients are encouraged to send someone in their place if they are unable to make their appointment. Please let the office know as soon as possible to ensure the necessary intake forms are completed.

If due to illness, please contact us immediately to let us know. Fees are waived at the discretion of the practitioner.

Limitations During the Pandemic

In addition to these precautionary measures, we wanted to let you know of a few other limitations to our care during the pandemic.

Scalp, Face and Intra-oral Massage

At this time, we are not offering bodywork to these regions due to the PPE regulation. We hope to be able to offer this safely again soon.

Additional Visitors

We ask that you come alone to your appointment as our waiting area will be closed to reduce the risk of transmission.

You can book your appointment when you are ready.

We look forward to welcoming you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (703) 340-4325 or contact us via the Contact Form.

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