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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most widely recognized and practiced modalities in the West. The massage therapist uses five long, flowing strokes to increase oxygen to the blood stream and flush toxins from the superficial muscle tissue. This eases muscle and joint tension and increases circulation. The benefits of Swedish massage are maximized during a full body session, especially if the client's main goal is to relieve stress and increase relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, sometimes referred to as clinical massage, utilizes slower strokes to release chronic tension patterns and adhesions formed in the deeper layers of muscle tissue. A deep tissue session usually addresses a specific area of the body, penetrating deep into the muscle fibers to bring long-lasting pain relief to the area. The massage therapist will usually develop a care plan for the client depending on the severity of the problem.

Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Trigger Point/NMT massage is a specialized form of deep tissue massage that treats areas of irritation within strained bands of muscle tissue. These irritated areas, formally known as trigger points, are present in most cases of chronic muscular pain. During an NMT session, the massage therapist and client work together to reduce or eliminate trigger points through static compression and breathing. This is an extremely effective method in managing pain and stress levels in the body.

Sports Massage

Also known as performance massage, sports massage is an effective massage technique used to loosen and invigorate you physically and mentally. It reduces tension in muscles and joints that are affected by athletic use or injury, borrowing strokes from Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to flush lactic acid from muscles. Clearing metabolic waste from the muscle tissue helps speed up recovery time and increase flexibility, which in turn, improves athletic performance.


Considered a form of Asian bodywork therapy, acupressure is known with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupressure works with special acupoints, or acupressure points, along an individual's energetic meridians, or channels in the physical body. These acupoints are known to connect with internal organs, including the brain. Acupressure is performed with the client fully clothed, using the therapist's hands, thumbs, elbows, and stretching. The goal of this modality is to restore balance and vitality to the body's meridians.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese non-touch healing method that aims to reduce stress, relieve pain and induce relaxation. This traditional practice offers multi-dimensional healing to address each client on a physical, mental and spiritual level. During the session, the practitioner focuses on their client’s “ki,” or life energy to promote healing. Clients may feel a calming sensation in their palms, feet and forehead, while others may experience a release of physical symptoms. This modality is offered as a stand-alone service, as well as an add-on for those seeking a well-rounded session.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

Muscle energy techniques (MET) is a form of bodywork where the client performs an isometric contraction against the practitioner's resistance to increase joint mobility and improve musculoskeletal function. When receiving MET, the client will be conscious of each movement and collaborate with their massage therapist on pressure, range of motion, and positioning. These techniques can be added to benefit clients who have limited range of motion, sports injuries, and those who work at sedentary jobs.

Yoga Therapy

Deepen your understanding of this ancient practice and it's physical, mental and spiritual benefits including increased flexibility, improved strength and balance, weight loss, boosted energy and stress reduction.

Private sessions will be offered as an add-on scheduled before or after a therapeutic massage or Reiki session. Megan will perform a thorough review of your health history and develop a personalized lesson that may include yoga asanas or poses, meditation, relaxation methods, breathing tools, and chakra balancing.

Small group sessions will be offered to clients who are interested in a specific focus. Class themes may include rest and relaxation; neck and upper back tension; low back and hip pain; sports-specific stretching; prenatal and more. All group sessions will include studies of the eight limbs of yoga and may combined restorative, yin, yoga nidra, chakra balancing and vinyasa flow.

Our Rates

Massage Therapy Sessions

Length Rate
15 minutes sports only $30.00
30 minutes $70.00
45 minutes $90.00
60 minutes $105.00
75 minutes $125.00
90 minutes $140.00
15 minutes Reiki/Acupressure/MET Add-on $20.00
30 minutes Reiki/Acupressure/MET Add-on $30.00
15 minutes Yoga Therapy Add-on $25.00
30 minutes Yoga Therapy Add-on $45.00

Yoga Therapy Sessions

Length Rate
60 minutes small group $20.00

Packages of Five Sessions

Length Rate
30 minutes massage $325.00
45 minutes massage $425.00
60 minutes massage $500.00
60 minutes group yoga $90.00
75 minutes massage $600.00
90 minutes massage $675.00

All packages expire one year from purchase date and cannot be transferred to another client.

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Client Referral Program

Refer three new clients to AoH and receive a complimentary 60-minute massage as a token of our appreciation. Just be sure to tell your referral to include your name on the client intake form at their first visit. We will notify you each time a referral becomes a client and after the third client, you will receive an invitation for your free massage!

Our Policies

Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Art of Health, LLC must be notified of a change of appointment or cancellation at least twenty four hours prior to the scheduled appointment time or client will be charged a fee of 50% of the scheduled service price.

All appointments require a credit card and telephone number to hold the appointment.

Inclement Weather Policy

If an appointment must be canceled or changed due to inclement weather less than twenty four hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, the cancellation fee will be waived. Canceling or rescheduling an appointment during inclement weather is at the discretion of the client and The Art of Health, LLC.

"Some massage places just want to make you feel comfortable. The massage therapists at [The] Art of Health put areas of chronic pain as their priority. If you follow their suggestions on stretching and ergonomics, with time their massages lead to not only having less pain on a daily basis, but also returning to physical activities you had once abandoned."

J.H., Arlington, Virginia