The Importance of a Care Plan

Evidence shows that massage therapy has a number of health benefits including managing chronic and acute pain, reducing anxiety and stress, assisting in rehabilitation from injury or surgery, boosting immune system function and so much more! 

Whether the pain is related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches or joint issues, there are ample studies demonstrating the effectiveness of regular massages in reducing pain associated with these conditions. In addition to alleviating physical symptoms, research indicates massage can positively affect your mental state and even help with the winter blues! 

This growing body of research gives hope to those suffering from a wide range of ailments, but what is also demonstrated is the importance of a care plan. As practitioners, we assess every client and their goals individually using subjective and objective measures. Our education and experience, founded in evidence-based techniques, paired with how your body responds to our bodywork guides every session. 

We take detailed notes to document our findings and your progress. All of these variables assist us in developing a care plan — our assessment of the frequency, duration and type of sessions we believe would benefit your specific goals.

A multi-visit care plan can amplify the effects of our work by having a cumulative effect, increasing range of motion, hydrating connective tissue and improving muscle tone. Reducing the time between your sessions can also ensure that certain distorted postural or fascial restrictions don’t have as much of a chance to return! 


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